Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar

Date Event Download
15.11.2021 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q3)
16.08.2021 Publication half-yearly financial report
15.05.2021 Quarterly Statement Q1 2021
24.11.2020 Quarterly Statement 9M 2020
29.09.2020 Half-Yearly Financial Report H1 2020

Roadshows and other events

Date Event Download
01.06.2022 Annual General Meeting
16.11.2021 We are pleased to invite you to our investor update call Q3 2021.

This will take place on 16.11.2021, 16:00 (CET). Please register for the event via the following link: .
You will then receive an e-mail with your personal access data.

The call will be held in English.
24.09.2021 Baader Investment Conference
17.09.2021 Citi Small/ Mid-Cap & Growth Conference
17.08.2021 Investor Update Call H1 2021
16.06.2021 Annual General Meeting
15.04.2021 Annual Report 2020